Augrabies national Park to Pella


Augrabies to Klein Pella near Pofadder
Rugged scenery, dry river beds, narrow winding paths through koppies of jumbled granite, this is Boesmanland. Join us riding on gravel to places with picturesque names such as Moon Rock, Ararat and Echo Corner very descriptive of this rocky region. Klipspringer and Kokerboom (quiver trees) stand in stark silhouette against the African sky – only those that are able to adapt ultimately survive. The 55 383 hectares on both the northern and southern sides of the Orange River provide sanctuary to a diversity of species, from the very smallest succulents, birds and reptiles to Hartmann’s mountain zebra, springbok, gemsbok, koedoe and giraffe. As the Orange River approaches Augrabies Falls it divides itself into numerous channels before cascading down the 56 meter high waterfall. The river then continues its path through an 18 kilometer gorge. The sight and sound of the power of the water will not be easily forgotten.

• Quiver trees and rocky mountains
• Augrabies Waterfall
• Game watching while riding your bike
• Pella and visiting the Cathedral
• Klein Pella with its 17000 date palms

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